Beginners series Gear demo

To demonstrate how capable all the entry level gear we’re using is – the Gear4Music Tele with its new pickups and the Blackstar iD:Core10 v3 – we’ve thrown a quick demo song/jam together.

So this is the Gear4music Knoxville (Telecaster copy), which we upgraded with a Bare Knuckles Boot Camp True Grit series neck Telecaster pickup, a Dimarzio Chopper T bridge pickup which has been wired in with a push pull switch to coil tap it through the Blackstar iD:Core10 v3 amplifier. The amplifier is connected direct to a Mac using a USB cable, straight into Garageband. All the guitar tones use this guitar and amp – bridge on one ear, neck on the right (with lead neck pickup in the middle.

To help tell what’s going on, the video below has a screen recording of the GarageBand tracks while the song is playing.