More EGT Beginners Series Episodes

So in the next 2 lessons, we are covering you to get playing your first note.

Two important things to learn: Tuning

And fretting – playing a note

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EGT Beginners Series

Our beginners series to learning the Electric Guitar has now begun on our Youtube channel. We’re really excited to bring you this, as we’re going to cover lots of different aspects – not just playing. In the first 2 episodes we’re taking a look at some entry level gear – everything you need to get playing the electric guitar. Don’t be fooled by the “entry level” tag though, as this stuff is amazing for the money and sounds great.

In the next episode we’re going through the anatomy of the electric guitar. You’ll hear lots of new terms when referring to guitars, so here’s a walkthrough what all the parts of the guitar are called and what they do.

You can also print out a labelled diagram to go with the lesson (or as a future guide).

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